As always with such a collaborative undertaking many people have helped to bring this project to fruition. In particular, we would like to thank:

  • Participants at the Feminist Seventies Conference, University of York, April 2002, for making the day such a vibrant, thought-provoking and often surprising event. We hope this book and its companion print book are worthy of their effort and imagination, and serve to generate yet more inspiring and constructive feminist work.
  • The rest of the conference coordinating group who were so resourceful and industrious - Joan Heggie, Anne Fairbank, Trev Broughton - as well as those who worked so tirelessly on the day and behind the scenes - Esperanza Miyake, Yvette Taylor, Janaki Jayawardena, Jo Woodiwiss, Esther Ho, Julia Nxumalo, Amanda Brooks, Noelia Diaz Vicedo, Julie Palmer, Amy Rootvik and Jean Wall. We would also like to remember Susan Pearson who was an integral part of the early conference discussions and who, sadly, died in March 2002.
  • Contributors to both books, for risk-taking and rigour in their writing and diligence during the editing process and for generously entering into the radical publishing ethos of Raw Nerve.
  • Esperanza Miyake for her wonderful dungaree drawings, and Hilary Doran for her creative manipulation of the images.
  • Simon Collins for his technological expertise in converting the sound files and for cleaning them up for the web.
  • Bob Naylor and Joan Heggie for much appreciated help with the accounts.
  • The Centre for Women’s Studies and the Department of English, University of York, for their continued practical support and encouragement.

We hope you find the book useful - let us know what you think.
Best wishes from Em, Helen, Ali & Ann