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Refugee Council Online:
Amnesty International:

Stop the War:
Women in Black:
Women in Black Cambridge (useful for UK links):
Very useful linking site from University of Central London:

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation:

contact Women's Aid on
International Centre for the Study of Violence and Abuse, at Sunderland University, England:
US based site with global links:

Info on Squatting:
read: Squatting: The Real Story online at
Diggers and Dreamers: The Guide to Communal Living in Britain

for links to global ecofeminist resources, try
Friends of the Earth on
for a Local Yorkshire resource try the Alternative Technology Centre at Hebden Bridge,

Jubilee Research: Supporting Economic Justice Campaigns Worldwide

Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty by Anne Herbert and Margaret M. Pavel (Berkeley, Whole Earth Review)
check out the origins at

Equal Opportunities Commission:
Fawcett Society

Carers support mailing list (UK based):

Daycare Trust: The National Childcare Campaign:

The Centre for Women's Studies has a full run of Spare Rib, due largely to a generous donation from the (now defunct) York Women's Centre. Copies are not yet catalogued.
Also check out the Spare Rib Reader, ed Marsha Rowe (Penguin, 1982)

for dreaming: Marge Piercy Woman on the Edge of Time originally 1976, now available in many editions
for networking: ZNET A Community of People Committed to Social Change

IMC: Independent Media Centre (links to world-wide alternative media)

Adbusters: A Canadian-based extensive site of campaigns, articles and witty comment. "Our language is culture jamming: the new activism."

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