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  27 april 2002

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Sandra Adickes and Ruth Cowan
The Women's Movement of the 1970s as a catalyst for feminist action today

Kester Aspden
Women against Male Violence in West Yorkshire

Margaret Beetham
Feminism across Generations

Jo Brain and Clare Hemmings
Remembering the 1970s: Feminism, Institutionalisation and Historiography

Ros Brunt and Jenny Wolmark
Politics, pleasure and pain in the 70s

Gail Chester
Active Then, Active Now: or, I still call myself a radical feminist'.

Maria Coppola
'Spare Rib' Magazine (1972-1993): Representing the 'New' Woman

Mary Eagleton
Re-reading the Seventies: Re-reading Women's Silence

Sarah Edwards
The Edwardian Lady: A 1970s icon?

Zoe Fairbairns
Saying What We Want: Women's Liberation and the Seven Demands

Laurel Foster
Liberating the Recipe: A study of the recipe form in feminist magazines and newsletters of the 1970s

Judy Giles
Revisiting The Feminine Mystique: Betty Friedan and the suburban housewife

Kristyn Gorton
Then and Now: A new time for feminism

Helen Graham
'Being' a feminist: Political Subjectivity and the early days of the Women's Liberation Movement

Tammy Grimshaw
Literary Negotiations of Female Homosexuality in the 1970s: Lesbianism in Iris Murdoch's An Accidental Man

Julia Hallam
Negotiating popular feminism: Butterflies and The Feminine Mystique

Marianne Hester
Revisiting Millett's Sexual Politics

Myrtle Hill
Challenging the State We're In: The feminist seventies in `Troubled' Northern Ireland

Mary Holmes
How to cope with having changed the world: Personal and structural accounts of seventies feminism

Rosie Ilett
Library work for housewives - or the liberated librarian?: Exploring feminist thinking in British and American librarianship in the 1970s

Stevi Jackson and Sue Scott
What ever happened to feminist critiques of monogamy?

Mary Joannou
Revisiting the Best-Selling Confessional Novels of the 1970s

Margaretta Jolly
Writing the web: Letters from the women's peace movement

Yvonne Keller
Revolution and Assimilation: The Cultural Work of U.S. 1970s Lesbian Fiction

Anna Krugovoy Silver
The Cyborg Mystique: The Stepford Wives and Second Wave Feminism

Yolanda Morato
Denise Levertov: the Aesthetics of Politics in a Transcultural Experience

Paulina Palmer
Custody Problems and Contradictions: Representations of lesbian motherhood in the fiction of the 1970s

Laura Potts, Jane Watts and Dena Attar
Reviving and Revisiting Consciousness-Raising as Feminist Practice

Avril Rolph
Not just the miners' strike - the Women's Liberation Movement in South Wales

Eve Setch
Women's Liberation and Anti-violence organisation

Diane Speier
Birth in the 1970s, and beyond ...

Imogen Tyler
The ME Decade: Gender and narcissism in the late Seventies the beat that goes . . . Me . . . Me . . . Me . . . Me . . . (Wolfe, 1977:147)

Maria Vara
Cordelia versus Lise: Two striking versions of power distribution in women's detective fiction in the seventies

Emma Webb
Confessional Sins and Postmodern Practice: Re-Reading Marie Cardinal and Annie Leclerc

Nicole Westmarland
'Is it just me?' Second-wave feminism and agony aunt advice in women's magazines

Imelda Whelehan
This Book Changes Lives: The legacy of the "Consciousness Raising" Novel

"Women's Reproductive Rights Campaign Wrinklies"
The unravelling of a `woman's right to choose': Reproductive health politics from abortion to genetics

Natasha Zaretsky
Middle-class suicide: Feminism, Narcissism, and Anti-Natalism in the 1970s