NB: The Women Demand site is no longer maintained

Women Demand

This page lists demands women have sent in to us. We have added links to relevant campaigns, fiction, art and anything else we think might be useful for activating the demands. This is quite clearly not comprehensive, and we welcome demands and suggestions for other links, and will do our best to add as many as possible.
  1. justice and hospitality for refugees
  2. No war against Iraq
  3. good quality 24 hour nursery provision for children
  4. paths, streets and roads safely lit at night
  5. elementary education for all girls and women world-wide
  6. affordable, safe and comfortable housing for everyone, with priority given to those escaping violence or abuse in their existing home

  8. flexible housing for people who do not want to live as couples or in traditional family units
  9. safe food, air and water for all
  10. random kindness and senseless acts of beauty
  11. to walk down the street and not be commented on for my low size, colour, sexuality, clothes, for being ourselves
  12. equal rights to the same jobs and pay and training as men
  13. support for carers of young children and the elderly
  14. back copies of Spare Rib to replace the contents of Cosmopolitan and its ilk
  15. to live in a world unaffected by gender
  16. feminism on the curriculum
  17. more female representation
  18. beautiful clothes designed for women and girls of all shapes and sizes and produced in fair and ethical conditions
  19. an end to unjust international debt arrangements which bear heavily on women
  20. more varied images of women - both 'fantasy' and 'real'
  21. well-resourced provision for the infirm
  22. the impossible

  23. an end to a work culture which allows no space for vulnerability or for life outside work
  24. that all feminists work towards making all women aware that puting up with violence against them is unacceptable - regardless of who perpetuates the violence
  25. different news perspectives
  26. critical consumerism