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Welcome to feministseventies.net, which replaces the original site feminist-seventies.net.


This Feminist Seventies Project originated from a conference held in York, England in 2002. It aimed to open up, challenge and develop work on women, gender and the Women's Liberation Movement in Britain.

Key themes were:

  • What were the feminist seventies?
  • What is the relationship between the women's liberation movement and feminism?
  • How can the seventies be re-read?
  • Who has access to the feminist seventies myth?
  • In what ways are the feminist seventies happening now?

The conference was multi- and inter- disciplinary within the humanities and social sciences and also brought together theoretical and more activist perspectives. Because of this richness, we decided to produce a number of linked publications: a pamphlet, a participatory 'Women Demand' web site, a print book and a web book (please follow the links on the left for details). Although the site is no longer regularly updated we welcome comments and will respond as soon as we have time.

Feminist Seventies
Centre for Women's Studies
University of York
York YO10 5DD

This is not the original web site for The Feminist Seventies Project, but is a site re-constituted in April 2006 from archives, as the web page and files were lost. Thanks to the Wayback Machine archives for saving so many of the pages. There are differences from 2002: this web site is presented in a simpler form from the orginal, and there are still a few pages missing; if you have paper or electronic copies of these, please contact Ann Kaloski at the address on the left. Thank you.